Useful Links

We like to share, so here are some of the things we find useful and/or entertaining.

Surrey WISE

The Surrey WISE project focused in helping women across Surrey to start their own business or to get back into work by giving them increased confidence in the use of  digital technology. Julie is the digital coach for the Claygate Parish.

 Nige the Quiz

Well why not?


Social Media Blogs

Social Media Examiner Your guide to the social media jungle!

Mashable If you’re interested in social media and you aren’t following this you certainly should be.

Anti-Social Media Love this one!

Social Media Tools

Friend or Follow A free and handy tool to find out who isn’t returning the compliment and following you back on Twitter.

Hootsuite Wouldn’t be without it to manage multiple social media accounts.

Wordle Ever stuck for a blog image? Make you own beautiful word clouds here.

Stuff we like Ever been infuriated by spending ages in a queue on an 0870 number? Fight back here! Listings of landlines for 0870 numbers. Bulge – a great glam rock band – nostalgia for those of you who remember the 70s and just great fun for those who don’t!

Wimbledon Championships Well it’s up the road and we’re all hooked for two weeks every year.

Other useful stuff

Transport for London Find your way around London here. Brilliant for finding the shortest journeys, up-to-date travel alerts and so on.

What the Font? Need to identify a font – look no further than this handy tool.