Social Media Management


It’s always our best advice. After all – nobody knows a business like the people who work in it. There may be good reasons, however why this is not always possible and we do offer some social media management services.

Getting Started

Even after training, some businesses find it difficult to get going. That’s why we offer some clients a phased launch service over a period of up to 3 months. The initial phase will see us posting and responding on your behalf. When you feel more comfortable, you can take over your platforms one-by-one until you are running the whole show and we are merely watching and advising.

Holiday Cover

It’s not something businesses often think about at the start of their social media campaigns, but finding somebody to cover for the person who handles social media can be difficult, especially if you’re a sole trader. There are good reasons to keep up your profile at all times.

  • If you’ve done a great job and clients and customers find social media a good route to contacting you, then sudden radio silence might cause consternation.
  • You might not want to advertise the fact that you are on holiday – especially if your home is also your business premises.

We offer a short term service where we will agree a posting and responding pattern and produce a report for your return which highlights anything that requires further action.