Our Services

No two businesses are the same and we treat our clients as individuals. Is social media marketing even right for your business? Which platforms are appropriate? We can help you decide. An outline of our services is below, but we’re always at the end of a phone-line if you want to discuss your needs in more detail.


If your primary aim in using social media or any other on line marketing is to drive traffic to your website then your website must be fit for purpose.

  • Does it keep the visitor engaged?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Is the buying process transparent?

If the answer to these questions is “no” then the best social media campaign in the world can’t help you unless your product is truly unique. We can advise you on changes and even build new WordPress websites for you.

Mobile Websites

More and more of us are accessing the internet on the go and making sure your website is enabled for mobile browsing could be the key to picking up new business. If you aren’t sure or what to do about it then talk to us. Again, we can advise on changes and even set up entirely new mobile websites for you.

Social Media Set-Up

Before you can begin to make an impact with social media you need to make sure you are set up correctly and on the platforms appropriate for your business. We take time to make sure we meet your needs, ensure consistency of branding and approach and streamline your use of social media as much as possible to save you time to devote to what you do best – running your business.

Social Media Training

The best social media campaigns are those run by the people who really know the business, but it’s easy to make mistakes. Don’t be caught out. Our training, which can be in-house or on-line, is designed to help you build both a social media strategy and a social media policy for your business so you get it right from the start. We also offer public workshops and seminars in conjunction with the Social Media Bureau.

Social Media Management

Our best advice is always do it yourself! We understand however that it’s not always possible and because of that we offer a range of management services. Talk to us to find out what’s right for you.


From time to time you will want other services. We can offer

  • Strategy reviews
  • Individual campaign planning
  • Follower campaigns
  • Pay-per-click advertising advice
  • Social media presence analysis and recommendations

Talk to us about the range of projects we can undertake on your behalf.