I admit it – hanging my head in shame – I got caught out.
My 11-year-old loves YouTube – what 11-year-old doesn’t?
We have rules

  • You can only use Mum’s profile
  • No uploading
  • You can’t have your own channel
  • No messaging
  • No subscribing without checking with Mum or Dad

And I have restricted mode enabled.

I’m quite sure in the past restricted mode worked on your profile – and this is where I got caught out.

It doesn’t any more.

You have to set restricted mode on every browser you use. I have 6 on this pc and we are a 3 pc household, plus tablets and smartphones.

Phew – I think I’ve mopped them all up now, but what prompted this?

My son saw a so-called Pokemon video that scared him half to death and stopped him sleeping for two nights.

Surely YouTube could set these restrictions by profile?

Oh – and you have to be logged out to stop your little darling changing the settings too!

Youtube restricted mode


Don’t “reach out” to me please!

21 March 2016

This is one for all you email marketers out there. I’m being hounded at the moment by people who insist on “reaching out” to me. They go instantly into my spam folder. Don’t. Just don’t reach out. It’s annoying.

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How do I actually get what I want in my Facebook news feed?

14 January 2016

In my spare time I’m involved regularly with a choir which occasionally puts on concerts and occasionally with a theatre group which regularly puts on shows. I’ve encouraged all my friends to follow their Facebook pages to get updates about what’s on, but still they miss new shows. Unless they have taken very specific steps […]

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Well said Joanna

3 December 2015

I don’t think I need say anything else.  

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How do I add a table to my website?

31 July 2015

Writing the html to add tables to websites is a pain in the neck. Sometimes I think we should never have moved on from the quill pen. I’ve got various snippets of html saved that I adapt to the changing circumstances, but there’s still a lot of copying and pasting and testing involved. Frankly it […]

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How do I disconnect on LinkedIn?

22 July 2015

Who’d want to? Why would you want to? Connections are LinkedIn’s lifeblood. But in these days of the internet troll and, frankly, some people who are just downright rude, sometimes you might want to. How to do it however, is not always obvious to the naked eye. To disconnect, simply go to your connections and choose […]

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How to waste a day in 10 easy steps.

27 February 2015

We’ve all had those days when however determined we are to Get Things Done, we just can’t knuckle down. I’ve just had one. Here’s how I achieved it. Visit the BBC website in the interests of research for content creation and get totally bogged down in a thread about Madonna stage-diving at the Brits. I […]

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Do your kids use Pinterest?

30 January 2015

I’m genuinely interested in how kids use Pinterest. I’ve been asked to look at  security policy for a school where some of the teaching staff want to set up Pinterest boards to share good content with their students and the DT staff want the students to set up their own Pinterest boards as mood boards […]

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Tagging isn’t just for Facebook! Organise your contacts on LinkedIn

23 January 2015

I’ve blogged about this before, but it’s something I find really useful and which very few people do. When you first start out on LinkedIn you probably aren’t aware of the tagging feature. It’s a way of organising your contacts easily into useful groups. To implement it later when you have dozens of connections is […]

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Surrey WISE – Women in the Superfast Economy

28 November 2014

I’ve recently joined forces with Surrey WISE to deliver social media training under a government initiative to build women’s on line skills. It’s a great project and ideally suited to women returning to work after career breaks who might have missed out on much of the digital revolution. The only downside of this project is […]

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Don’t Give in to Emotional Blackmail – Why I NEVER Add Anything to My Facebook Status for “Just an Hour”

8 August 2014

Some days it seems as if there’s nothing in my Facebook feed other than heart-rending stories about people with cancer, war vets, children starving in devloping countries and more. If my sharing these to show my support would make one bit of difference I suppose I might. The rider “Will you share this? I know […]

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