YouTube restricted mode – not so restricted as I thought.

by julie on April 18, 2016

I admit it – hanging my head in shame – I got caught out.
My 11-year-old loves YouTube – what 11-year-old doesn’t?
We have rules

  • You can only use Mum’s profile
  • No uploading
  • You can’t have your own channel
  • No messaging
  • No subscribing without checking with Mum or Dad

And I have restricted mode enabled.

I’m quite sure in the past restricted mode worked on your profile – and this is where I got caught out.

It doesn’t any more.

You have to set restricted mode on every browser you use. I have 6 on this pc and we are a 3 pc household, plus tablets and smartphones.

Phew – I think I’ve mopped them all up now, but what prompted this?

My son saw a so-called Pokemon video that scared him half to death and stopped him sleeping for two nights.

Surely YouTube could set these restrictions by profile?

Oh – and you have to be logged out to stop your little darling changing the settings too!

Youtube restricted mode

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