How do I add a table to my website?

by julie on July 31, 2015

It's easier to do tables with Quill Pen than htmlWriting the html to add tables to websites is a pain in the neck. Sometimes I think we should never have moved on from the quill pen.

I’ve got various snippets of html saved that I adapt to the changing circumstances, but there’s still a lot of copying and pasting and testing involved. Frankly it drives me mad. Imagine, my delight, when Ian Hardacre, one of my partners in the Social Media Bureau shared this html table generator with me.

Simply copy and past the table contents from a spreadsheet and voilá!

1 orange
2 apple
3 banana


There’s a limited amount of styling you can do, but you know what? You’ve got the bulk of the html you need and if you want to do some fine-tuning you can always adapt it yourself.

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