How to waste a day in 10 easy steps.

by julie on February 27, 2015

girl-smiley-face-clipart-4ibrqK6igWe’ve all had those days when however determined we are to Get Things Done, we just can’t knuckle down. I’ve just had one. Here’s how I achieved it.

  1. Visit the BBC website in the interests of research for content creation and get totally bogged down in a thread about Madonna stage-diving at the Brits. I haven’t laughed so much since my headmistress did a similar thing during a school assembly. Not however inspired to blog about it.
  2. Decide to make tea, then start work. Wonder where that packet of Earl Grey I bought last week has disappeared to. Empty cupboards in despairing attempt to find Earl Grey.
  3. Don’t find tea, but decide that since the cupboards are now empty I might as well clean them before reloading them. Am appalled to find Marmite which went out of date when I was pregnant.
  4. Decide best to check all “use by”dates.
  5. Debate whether or not to empty all cans and jars I’m now throwing away and wash and recycle them or just bin them.
  6. Decide on the former. Do all other washing up and work surfaces at the same time.
  7. Still wanting Earl Grey. Sainsbury’s Red Label just not hitting the spot today. Go to shop.
  8. Bump into friend in shop. End up going for coffee.
  9. Finally back at my desk. Decide to check all platforms before doing any writing. Can’t stop laughing at a Facebook thread about Van Gaal (Manchester United manager for the uninitiated).
  10. Have rush of blood to the head; write 3 blogs one after the other and decide that’s more than enough work for one day.

Actually, on balance I’m quite pleased with myself – at least I didn’t slow down still further by tweeting about it!

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