Tagging isn’t just for Facebook! Organise your contacts on LinkedIn

by julie on January 23, 2015

th_linkedin-logoI’ve blogged about this before, but it’s something I find really useful and which very few people do. When you first start out on LinkedIn you probably aren’t aware of the tagging feature. It’s a way of organising your contacts easily into useful groups. To implement it later when you have dozens of connections is a fairly gargantuan task so get it right from the start!

When you accept connections they are automatically tagged by LinkedIn with whatever description they gave themselves when setting up the invitation: friend, colleague, et cetera and sometimes by other default tags like partner if they describe themselves as a partner in their profile. You can however change these tags – an awful lot of people you barely know have probably described themselves as friends – to something more appropriate if you wish.

 To sort out your tags, open your contacts page and hover over any contact.

LinkedIn tag

 You will see links appear at the bottom of the listing. Clicking Tag provides a drop-down menu of all your available tags and the opportunity to manage tags or add new ones. People can be tagged in as many categories as you choose.

 It’s a really useful thing to do if you intend to use LinkedIn to send messages to groups of people. With a basic account you can send to 50 people at a time using their tags and with a premium account to as many as you like.


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